Step Up Your Game: Expert Tips for Betting on Boxing Matches

April 7, 2022

Sports like soccer and basketball, on the other hand, have a lot of variables. Regardless of the magnitude of the event, boxing events rarely provide more than six online boxing betting options for each match.

You chose one participant to beat the other in this wager. You don’t get to pick the winning round or the technique of victory in this game; you simply get to pick the winning boxer!

You should be aware, however, that the better your chances of winning the bet, the lesser your rewards. As a result, you’ll have to wager a large sum to win a small sum. However, if you are willing to take the risk of betting on a boxer with low winning odds, you will earn handsomely if that boxer wins.

Experienced gamers employ the accumulator betting method to increase their chances of winning by registering with two bookmakers, receiving free betting bonuses, and betting on both boxers.

Unleash your betting prowess by placing smart bets on boxing matches and dive into the action with a winning bet on boxing.

Total Number of Rounds

In a 12-round match, the zero point is set at 9.5, and you can wager on whether the match will go above or under that number.

You do not pick a winner in this bet; instead, you merely hope that the combat will go less than nine rounds (-9.5) or more than nine rounds (+9.5).

Win Betting Method

In this wager, you pick a boxer who will win in one of three ways: knockout, opponent surrender, or count to ten. You may utilize this bet to make a lot of money if you are an expert in this sport and online boxing betting!

Betting round

You choose a boxer to win a certain round or series of rounds in this wager. Boxer A, for example, can bet on winning the first round or rounds 7-9. If you believe a fighter has the ability to win the first few rounds or will have the last laugh, this is a perfect bet for you! If a fighter, like middleweight king Gennady Golovkin, prefers to start slowly and put off his opponents in the middle rounds, he can bet that he will win in rounds 4-6 or 7-9.

What You Should Keep in Mind Before Betting on Boxing


It is critical that you become very knowledgeable about all of the technical components of this sport. The various methods by which a boxing fight is decided through: 

Knockout (KO): When one of the opponents is knocked down and does not get up during the referee’s 10-second count, it is called a knockout.

Technical Knockout (TKO): When a referee calls a halt to a fight because one of the opponents has been wounded by a punch or the other opponent’s corner has given up.

Decision (D): a judge’s decision based on the scorecards determines the outcome of the match.

Technical Decision (TD): After an injury, the final decision is determined based on the number of points.Disqualification (DQ):  occurs when one of the opponents or combatants is disqualified, therefore ending the match.

Upcoming Boxing Matches


Boxing returns at the start of the year with a full schedule of events after a fantastic conclusion to 2021. The boxing calendar for 2022 is already jam-packed with thrilling fights planned for the coming year. The boxing world has had a great start to the new year. And things are only going to get better, with several of the sport’s biggest names set to return to the ring in the near future. Check out PIWI’s upcoming boxing matches: 


  • Gennady Golovkin VS Ryota Murata – April 9, 2022 (5:00PM)
  • Emmanuel Togoe VS Ryan Garcia – April 10, 2022 (10:00PM)
  • Erickson Lubin VS Sebastian Fundora – April 10, 2022 (10:00PM)
  • Chris Billam-Smith VS Tommy McCarthy – April 17, 2022 (4:00PM)
  • Chris van Heerden VS Conor Benn – April 17, 2022 (5:00PM)
  • Yordenis Ugas VS Errol Spence Jr – April 17, 2022 (10:00PM)
  • Dillian Whyte VS Tyson Fury – April 24, 2022 (6:00PM)
  • Jessie Vargas VS Liam Smith – May 1, 2022 (9:00PM)
  • Amanda Serrano VS Katie Taylor – May 1, 2022 (10:00PM)
  • Oscar Valdez VS Shakur Stevenson – May 1, 2022 (10:00PM)
  • Dimitry Bivol VS Saul Alvarez – May 8, 2022 (11:00PM)
  • Brian Carlos Castano VS Jermell Charlo – May 15, 2022 (10:00PM)
  • George Kambosos Jr VS Devin Haney – June 4, 2022 (6:00PM)

Types of Bets in Boxing

There is a variety of betting options, much like in other sports. The following are the several markets available in boxing:

Match Winner
Most bookmakers only provide two outcomes for one of the opponents’ victories. The bet is declared void if there is a tie. Only a few give you the option of winning if there is a technical tie.

Form of victory
It is also feasible to wager on how a boxer will win a fight using the methods described above. The odds for each will be higher or lower depending on the odds.

Duration of the bout

This form of boxing wager requires you to guess which round the fight will end in, regardless of who wins or in what manner. You can wager individually or in groups, for example, from 1 to 3 rounds, 4 to 6, 7 to 9, or 10 to 12, on whether the battle will last a given number of rounds.More or fewer assaults
You can bet on whether a fight will last more or fewer rounds than scheduled, similar to the previous round. It’s crucial to glance at the numbers before each encounter to get a sense of this.

Takedown the opponent
You can bet that one of the opponents will knock down the other at some point throughout the game, and the referee will start the 10-second countdown. It’s not a question of predicting who will win the fight; it’s a question of whether this count will be provided at any stage throughout the fight.

Long term bets
You can wager on the champion of each category on a given day, such as the heavyweight, lightweight, or world welterweight champion, in addition to a bout. You can send your prediction weeks or months in advance for this type of wager; the odds are higher for the latter. However, the risk of using this method is that you will sustain an injury that will cause your bet to fail.

Live Bets

This option is also available, but it is only suggested for individuals who have a thorough understanding of the sport and can predict what will happen as the fight develops.

Pros and Cons of Betting on Boxing

Among the advantages of betting on boxing we can mention: 

  • It’s a simple sport to grasp, and the betting options are limited.
  • On the internet, you may find a wealth of information and data about each boxer’s performance, background, and current condition.

We also have the following disadvantages:

  • Long-term bets aren’t always profitable since unforeseen deaths or injuries can wipe out any chance of winning.
  • Rather than analyzing the game and the players, many gamblers get carried away by the fighters’ attitudes and the words of their fans. As a result, they lose a lot of money by betting at random.

Take your boxing bets to the next level with insider strategies for betting on boxing matches and make the most of your betting on boxing experience.

Betting FAQs

What is the process of betting on a boxing match?

Essentially, you either bet on one fighter or the other. If you are correct, you will be paid at the odds that were in effect when you placed the bet. Floyd Mayweather, for example, was a massive -700 favorite over Logan Paul, who was a +400 underdog.

How does over/under work in boxing betting?

If you bet on the over and the fight lasts more than 1:30 into the eighth round, you win. If you bet on the under, the fight must end before the 1:30 mark of the eighth round for you to win. With over-under wagers, the money line, which is also used when picking a fighter to win, is used.

What happens if you bet on boxing and the match ends in a draw?

If the wagering offer only includes the two boxers, with the draw either not offered or offered separately, and the match ends in a draw (including a majority draw), wagers on either fighter will be refunded. Regardless of the number of rounds fought, all bets will have action.

Elevate your boxing betting skills with expert advice on how to bet on the boxing and amplify your chances of success in betting on boxing matches.

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