What are the KYC verification requirements and guidelines?

Please review the following requirements and guidelines. Failure to meet any of these requirements will lead to the rejection of your KYC application.

1. In most countries, the following documents are accepted: National ID Card, Passport, and Driving License.

  • The copy must be legible and it must not be modified by any photo editing software.
  • The copy must display the entire page.
  • The document must be valid up to 6 months from the date of verification.
  • The document must not be punched or deformed.
  • You may be required to submit both the front and back photo of the document when applicable.

2. Your photo on the document must be clear and similar to that of your selfie photo or video to be taken and submitted during the verification process.

3. Your selfie photo or video will be taken.

  • Your selfie must not be blurred or must not have glare.
  • You must not wear a hat, glasses, headphones, or wireless hand-free devices.
  • Your photo must not be modified by any photo editing software.

Here are some tips:

Good example

  • High-resolution photo
  • Whole document
  • Color image
  • Required details clearly shown
    e.g. name, date of birth, issue date, ID number, address

Blurry photo

  • Make sure photo is in focus
  • Hold ID steady when taking photo

Poor quality image

  • Do not take picture in the dark
  • Take picture in well-lit room or outdoors
  • Avoid reflections and glare

Unsupported documents

  • Screenshots and photos of screens not accepted
  • Some examples of documents we do not accept:
  • Birth certificate
  • Company ID
  • Credit card
  • International driving permit
  • Student ID (except for Poland)
  • Visa (except for student/work visa issued by the U.S. and China)

Incomplete image

  • Image must show whole document
  • Do not cover ID with your hand

ID not in Latin alphabet

  • Check whether the alphabet used on your ID is supported. If it is not, please provide ID with text in the Latin alphabet.
    e.g. Supported: Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Cyrillic / Unsupported: Arabic

Back of ID missing

  • Both the front and back of your ID are required for verification
  • Image must show whole document

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